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Hikvision was established in 2001 by Zhejiang HIK Information Technology Co. Ltd. It is a supplier of video surveillance products and solutions based in Hangzhou, China. Hikvision has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 2010. The company delivers surveillance products to the global market via more than 2,400 partners in 150 countries and regions, and has its presence in 18 locations around the world. Hikvision uses its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to design and develop innovative CCTV and video surveillance products. With the largest R & D team in the industry and capability of continuous innovation, Hikvision’s product contributions include hybrid DVRs, NVRs, standalone DVRs, digital video servers, compression cards, high definition IP cameras, speed domes and many more.

  • Hikvisionmanufactures a full range of DVRs that will definitely fulfill the needs of a security system runs.
  • Hikvision provide their customers with a huge amount of choice on a range of features, including image quality, camera design and price. This means that Hikvision equipment can be easily personalized to your budget and requirements, leaving you with a security system that suits your business.
  • The Hikvision IP cameras have a wider coverage, so whilst they are more expensive than standard CCTV cameras, you will need to purchase less of them to cover the same area.
  • Using common interface for every type and versions of DVR, Hikvision keeps amazing user experience even after upgrading their technology.
  • Most Hikvision IP CCTV systems comes with inbuilt analytics ability, meaning you don’t have to make an extra investment in analytics software.
  • Keeping its speed, their research and development focuses on usability and stability making technicians in a comfort zone.
  • Hikvision provides IVMS software for most of their home and commercial applications.
  • Hikvision provides mobile applications to view and control DVR. It supports all common mobile OS and devices.
  • Hikvision systems are expandable, which is useful for the future. If you can only afford a certain number of cameras at the beginning, you will always have the option to expand with new cameras if you require extra security.


Bosch, is a world leading multinational engineering and Electronics Company headquartered in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany. The company was founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886. Protecting lives, buildings and assets is their aim. The product portfolio includes video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice evacuation systems as well as access control and management systems. Professional audio and conference systems for communication of voice, sound and music complete the range. Bosch will demonstrate how the technology embedded in its intelligent products delivers significant benefits to dealers and end users alike. In the area of video surveillance, Bosch will show how its IP cameras deliver the highest quality of relevant images while lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 50 percent. Bosch products provide enhanced security and maximum flexibility at a highly-competitive total cost of ownership. This gives integrators advantages over their competitors with new opportunities to grow sales and increase profits.

  • Lower total system costs for dealers and end users.
  • Increased awareness for enhanced safety and security.
  • Bosch panels provide more than just security. With new programming features that allow users to monitor perimeter doors and critical areas like safes and vaults during the day, plus automated control for ATM service areas, Bosch panels provide added value for end users and installers.
  • To provide simple support for its Remote Security Control app, Bosch will also introduce cloud-based services that provide customers the option to control their Bosch control panels from their smart phone without the need for special configuration of their home network.
  • New sales opportunities with added features and functionality.


Skywatch is found by AIOT artificial intelligence IoT team invested by Inventec and Taiwan's first largest network camera, Jingrui Communications. Skywatch's core competence lies in the design, development, and delivery of artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and services. Skywatch's artificial intelligence products, in addition to being provided with the carrier in the cloud, are also available. For the world-class factory, the application of the edge, Skywatch has passed the ISO 27001 information security management system verification. In addition to being recognized by global customers, the advanced product features have become the partners of domestic mainstream. Skywatch is a suite of IoT solutions that simplify all your complexities. Seamlessly integrate smart automation services with cloud video and web cameras, environmental sensors, and door locks to make communication easier and deeper. It is only necessary to control and understand the status of remote locations through a single application, in addition to receiving insight reports generated by cloud analysis.

  • Skywatch supports two major mobile platforms, iOS and Android. From the phone you can easily connect to the place of concern. In addition, it also supports a variety of browsers, one-click connection, convenient and peace of mind.
  • Just press the player's fast-forward button and we will rotate the image to slow down and let you see it clearly when there is an action. .
  • Use the Smart Cloud Engine to clearly show you what happened in the past twenty-four hours with an image log. .
  • Automatically convert video content into text through the Skywatch deep learning algorithm, giving you more accurate notification messages. .
  • You only need to provide the agent's e-mail address and decide to share the rights, technical problems are overcome by Skywatch for you. The digitalized watch helps each other and is easy to achieve. .


It was Founded in 2007 and Based in Vilnius, Lithuania Currently it has Clients and partners in 127 countries, Speaking 15 languages. Their vision is to become a top 40 international player in transport telematics by 2022. They provide fleet management solutions based on GPS tracking and real-time vehicle monitoring and control. We develop and manufacture full solution and provide it along with in-depth knowledge and support. Fleet management solutions allows companies which rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs. Quality management system of JSC Ruptela was certified in 2011 however, for many years smooth running of the company, quick and constructive response to changes as well as flexible restructuring of internal processes have been assuring timely fulfilment of orders and obligations towards the customers in a quality manner and the best solutions being offered. Quality management system ISO 9001 helps the company implement the objectives.

  • Basic and advanced GPS tracking devices:
  • Additional accessories for temperature, fuel and driver behavior monitoring;
  • Special connections – EasyCan and EasyWire.
  • TrustTrack is a real-time vehicle monitoring and control software developed by Ruptela. With TrustTrack you can manage any type of fleet and save everyone’s time and money. With TrustTrack you will always know what is happening with your fleet and what could be improved.
  • They enable companies to reduce costs, save time and improve their efficiency by globally providing integrated transport telematics solutions with great customer experience.
  • Seeking to increase the involvement of employees in the company‘s activities and its growth, to enhance the competitive advantage in its business market, to satisfy the


The founders of ZKTeco Co., Limited (ZKTeco) since 1998 has been striving for the independent research and development of biometric verification algorithms and the productization of biometric verification SDK, which was initially widely applied in PC security and identity authentication fields. With the continuous enhancement of the development and a plenty of market applications, the team has gradually constructed identity authentication ecosystem and smart security ecosystem,