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CCTV Remote Monitoring Solutions

If you require a more proactive surveillance system to protect your premises, remote CCTV monitoring is an ideal solution.

Remote CCTV monitoring is very effective or large or exposed sites and provides a viable alternative to the out-of-hours continuous live monitoring of images or the need for permanent security guards. In fact, when comparing electronic security remote monitoring to manned guarding there are significant cost savings.

With an activated CCTV system external detection devices will detect the activity of intruders and in the event of a detector being activated, images will be transmitted to the Remote Video Response Centre. Once the images have been interrogated the RVRC operator will follow an agreed response plan and contact Key-holders, Guarding Company or the Police accordingly, depending on the type of system installation.

Our External Deterrent System (EDS) has an automatic escalation procedure so when the system reaches either the verbal warning stage or the audible alarm condition, the EDS will activate the CCTV cameras and transmit images through to the Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) at the point of a ‘full alarm’ a separate alarm signal will also be sent to the RVRC.

If there is a breach of security the CCTV system will generate a signal to a Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) using high-speed broadband or 3G communications.

A trained operator will then use the displayed images to evaluate the situation and take the appropriate action. If necessary, operators will contact the emergency services who provide a priority response as the incident has been visually confirmed.

CCTV Monitoring – Benefits

  • Reduces the risk of human error
  • Prevents False alarms as live and recorded images are viewed
  • Provides protection whenever you need it, weekends, holidays, day and night
  • Reduces the need for permanent manned guarding, realising cost savings

In addition, to provide 24/7 protection, CCTV management uses remote monitoring for site management. It can be used to remotely identify visitors, allow access and protect vulnerable lone workers. Contact Us to find out more about how your business could benefit from CCTV management.