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Remote TSS and SME Solutions:

We Take the safety of your business, houses and loved ones very seriously. This is the why Kay Jay Electronics is offering remote monitoring and rapid responses services to all its SME and household target audiences, In order to provide a proactive security response process rather than the General Post-mortem processers that are available today. Your property will be fitted with a suited CCTV System, Alarm System, and given Access remotely to you and our external control room.

When and Alarm is detected by our control room offices, the CCTV is accessed for threads, Upon observing anomalies, immediate action is taken to contact you and to dispatch our closet response team for assistance

Benifits to the Target Audiences

Customer will have peace of mind knowing their shops and houses are monitored for proactive response.

Affordable payment option

Capabilities to monitor your premises through your mobile phones when needed.

Provision of response service

Reduction of security expenses by eradicating full time security guards.

How to purchase?

Outright,Lease,and credit card options are available for out remote TSS and SME Solutions.


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