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Total Security Solutions

Whether you manage one location or 1,000, an effective video surveillance system serves as a crime deterrent as well as a key method to capture and document security events on your premises. With Kayjay Electronic's video security solutions, we can keep an eye on your facility so you can focus on what matters: running your business

Service Overview

Video surveillance systems provide records of key events for documentation and investigative purposes. We install wired and wireless IP cameras, monitors, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), and more from many of the top security companies in the industry.

Kayjay Electronics will design, install, maintain and upgrade a wide range of cctv solutions to meet businesses' specific needs and budgets, from large enterprises to local business security platforms, from simple camera solutions for small offices to complex enterprise-class video surveillance systems for large campuses. Kayjay Electronics offers the following video surveillance and video monitoring systems that can be designed to meet your facility’s needs:

Local video surveillance

This system includes installation of all the interior and exterior security cameras your business needs, along with on-site DVR video storage, to provide 24/7 surveillance. We also provide live remote viewing access so you can see what’s happening at your business anytime. This is ideal for retail facilities, convenience stores, and other small businesses.

E VideoManager

By connecting your on-site video surveillance system to one of our four ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Centre located in Swindon, Kayjay Electronics can provide a full portfolio of video monitoring services like video alarm verification, video open/close supervision, video auditing services, and more. We can also provide larger capacity, cloud-based video storage allowing access anytime to both live and recorded feeds, so you can hold onto video from more feeds for longer. Larger businesses like department stores, distribution centres, financial branches and offices, and corporate office buildings can take advantage of this video solution. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Intelligent Network Video

Kayjay Electronics installs IP video systems that provide total transparency over your entire facility, or over multiple facilities as required, using enterprise-grade Network Video Recorders (NVR) to distribute storage. With the advanced video management, analysis, and tracking software we provide, you can easily track activities taking place at your facility. This solution is designed for large complexes, such as stadiums, universities, government facilities, and more, where maintaining visibility and security of all occupants is a paramount concern.

In addition to receiving outstanding installation service from your local Kayjay Electroncs, you’ll also enjoy outstanding support from our world-class, award-winning team of monitoring professionals, project managers, and security system engineers for all your other security needs. We can integrate video surveillance systems with intrusion detection, fire detection, access control, equipment monitoring, and other security systems throughout your facility to provide you with a comprehensive, easily managed solution.